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Gus is a horror nerd with a love of giallo, Vincent Price, and any horror movie that takes place in a hospital. He's always willing to talk Top 5 Horror Movies with anyone and really, really wants you to know that Hostel is better than you think it is.

Genre Policing: A New Trend In Horror

When I saw Get Out (2017) (see our review here), I knew that it would be an important movie for the horror genre. I also knew it would be a controversial one. I thought that controversy would be born of the film’s masterful treatment of American anxieties about race, and there was plenty of that to be sure. What I …

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New Short ‘Dolphin’ Dives Into Horror Goodness

There are literally hundreds of ingredients and ideas that make or break any film of any length. However, in the land of short films, there are two key components: creativity and character, the chocolate and peanut butter of short filmmaking. If you have one, an inventive film full of dull people or a drab film full of talented people, you’re …

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Pop Culture’s King: A Tribute to Roger Corman

If cinema is a circus, then it needs a ringmaster. Choosing such a leader is often a Herculean task involving cool heads and tough questions. But, when we’re talking about popular cinema, there’s only a handful of honest candidates. And out of them, there’s really one, obvious, correct answer. Thankfully, we have Roger Corman. Born in Detroit on April 5, …

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Midnight Clown: The Legend of Lon Chaney

Let’s talk, you and I, about legends. Let’s talk about tall tales and folklore and myths. Now that we’re all in the right state of mind, let’s talk about Lon Chaney. Born to deaf and mute parents in 1883, Leonidas Frank Chaney became one of the most prolific and talented actors of silent horror cinema. In 1912, when he first …

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Top 5 Golden Age Slashers You’ve Definitely Never Seen

In the 1980s, horror had a genre explosion like we’ve never seen before or since. This seemingly unhinged growth in the movie world owes everything to one subgenre: slashers. There were so many slashers. According to IMDb user CaptainCracker, between 1980 and 1989 there were roughly 293 slasher films produced and distributed. That’s bananas, right? With Halloween (1978) and Black Christmas (1974), there …

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Evil Nanny (2016) Will Take Good Care Of You

It’s not every day that I get to think of the suspenseful and thrilling 1990 movie Pacific Heights. It’s a good movie and fairly unique. The days that I do, then, are rare and special and make me smile. I was reminded of this film while watching the new Lifetime horror Evil Nanny (2016), and I smiled. A lot. Directed by camp …

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Top 5 Almost Horror Films of All Time

 If you’ve ever googled “Bigfoot,” you’ve probably seen the hulking, out-of-focus photograph of a monster in the woods. For me, that’s the most frightening part of the entire Bigfoot myth, he (or she – let’s not be sexist about Bigfoot) is blurry. By being blurry, Bigfoot might be an ape, might be a bear on its hind legs, might be a …

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7 Nights of Perfect Double Features

The horror nerd knows the unique pain and pleasure that comes with putting two movies together for a truly killer double feature – the kind of exciting combination that makes the entire viewing experience a new, sublime cinematic journey and makes each movie stand out as exceptional against the other. Being successful at this is a skill. It’s a trained …

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