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I've been obsessed with all things horror since watching Night of the Creeps through my fingers as a young child. I'm a soon to be published author and aspiring screenwriter from middle of nowhere Illinois. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Gravy, Evil Dead, May, and Cemetery Man. I have a deep love for indie horror.

Stegman Is Dead (2017) Movie Review

Every once in awhile, I get the opportunity to review something that allows me to broaden my horizons from the horror films I usually review. Stegman Is Dead is one of those films, a comedic crime thriller starring genre legend Michael Ironside in a major supporting role. Stegman Is Dead is a comedy/crime thriller from director David Hyde from a …

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Creepy Stills from Tory Jones’ New Film ‘Angel’

Here at PopHorror, we have been covering Tory Jones’ Angel since it was first announced. Angel recently wrapped shooting and now we have some photos to share with you guys. Check them out! Angel is the latest film from writer/director Tory Jones (The Wicked One 2017). P.J. Starks (Volumes of Blood) is executive producer and it is being edited by Shawn …

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‘House of Whores 2’ (2016) Movie Review

A couple days ago I reviewed  House of Whores. Now its time to take a look at its sequel, House of Whores 2. Does it measure up to the first film? Read on to find out. House of Whores 2 was directed by Daniel Murphy and Tom Komisar from a script by Tom Komisar. The film stars Daniel Murphy, Tom Komisar, Theophania …

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House of Whores (2015) Movie Review

A couple years ago, I found out a friend of mine starred in an indie horror film called House of Whores, which I promptly purchased. I’ve started the film several times but never managed to finish it. I figured since I will be reviewing the latest sequel of the film soon, I should probably watch and review the first two …

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Mean Little People (2017) Book Review

mean little people

Lately, I have been in the mood for nothing but reading. Last week I signed up for NetGalley, a site that gives reviewers free e-books for review purposes. I stumbled across a book called Mean Little People from writer Paige Dearth, which I saw talked about awhile back on Goodreads. I decided to give it a shot. Here our my …

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‘Scream For Summer’ (2017) Movie Review

scream for summer

Earlier this year, my anticipation was high for The Wicked One (you can read my review here), which turned out to be an intense and satisfying indie slasher. Soon after viewing it, I found out that its writer, Cheyenne Gordon, was writing and directing his own film, Scream For Summer, which got me excited. After interviewing Cheyenne (you can read that interview here), …

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Nightmarish Poster for ‘The New Mutants!’

Awhile back we shared the awesome teaser trailer for Fox/Marvel’s The New Mutants, a horror film featuring Marvel characters. I’ve been anxiously awaiting more news on the project and now I finally have something to share. Check out the first official poster for The New Mutants! I think the poster is simple but badass. It provides a glimpse at some …

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