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I've been obsessed with all things horror since watching Night of the Creeps through my fingers as a young child. I'm a soon to be published author and aspiring screenwriter from middle of nowhere Illinois. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Gravy, Evil Dead, May, and Cemetery Man. I have a deep love for indie horror.

‘Watch Over Us’ (2015) Movie Review

Horror films centered on demons are a dime a dozen. The genre, much like zombies, has been done to death and there is very rarely an interesting take anymore. Recently I got the chance to check out the demonic horror film Watch Over Us. Was it more of the same or did it provide a fresh and interesting take on the subject? …

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Interview With Zoe Kavanagh, Director of ‘Demon Hunter’

Awhile back, I got to check out the badass horror/action film Demon Hunter (see my review here) from director Zoe Kavanagh. The film was a fun and moody ride, not afraid to show its dark side. Recently, I got the chance to talk with Zoe about Demon Hunter, its potential sequels, and what the future holds. Check out the trailer for …

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FrankenThug (2018): A First Look

Richard Tanner directed one of the few found footage films that I genuinely love, Room For Rent (read our review here). Ever since seeing that film, I’ve been anxiously awaiting Tanner’s latest project. Recently, he announced the horror comedy FrankenThug, which looks like it will be an absolute blast. From A Buck Short Productions, the team that brought you Once Upon a …

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The Limehouse Golem (2017) Movie Review

I knew very little about The Limehouse Golem going in. I knew it starred Bill Nighy in the lead role (a role that was originally meant for the late, great Alan Rickman), that it was a period piece, and that it centered on killings in London. My precious little knowledge on the film couldn’t have prepared me for what I …

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Devotion (2017) Movie Review

Jessie Seitz is a Midwestern indie filmmaker that I have been keeping my eye on for awhile now. Jessie is an absolute badass who lives and breathes film, writing and directing her own projects, working on and promoting others films, plus working at an Arthouse theater and hosting horror screenings. Being an aspiring Midwestern filmmaker myself, Jessie has long been …

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Interview with Peter Herro, cowriter/director of ‘WTF!’

Awhile back, I got to review the indie slasher film WTF!, (check out the review here), a horror film with a huge mean streak and brutal kills. Then I got the chance to interview one of its stars, Andrea Hunt (you can read that interview here), and now I’ve got the chance to interview the film’s director, Peter Herro. See …

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Betsy (2017) Movie Review

After thoroughly enjoying Shawn Burkett’s Don’t Fuck in the Woods, I have been anxiously awaiting his latest film, Betsy. While Don’t Fuck in the Woods was already pretty ambitious for its low budget, Betsy is another beast entirely. Creature Features are hard to pull off with limited funds, but werewolf films? That’s a whole new set of problems entirely. You …

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Sleazy Pete (2017) Short Film Review

I dig films that are weird and outside the box… bonus points if they are heavy on splatter. Recently, I was given the chance to check out the proof of concept short Sleazy Pete from director Frank Appache and Glockbuster Films. The short, which was all that and more, was based on their fake trailer Shepherd of Death. Check out the …

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