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women in video games

Celebrate Women in Horror Month with Bad Ass Women in Video Games

It’s women in horror month and what better time to look into the past and present in the gaming world and remember some of the toughest women in video games. Before I get the comments, “You forgot (insert name), you dumb ass!” keep in mind, there are so many awesome women in games that I couldn’t get to them all. Be aware, there are game spoilers ahead but some of these are twenty-years-old, so if you haven’t played them by now, well who’s fault is that?

Resident Evil is a long-running survival horror (and at certain times third person shooter) franchise spawning games into double digits at this point, amazing animated movies, abomination live action movies and books. It’s personally one of my favorite game franchises and is on top for boss ass female characters. Sure, you have Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton but there are more women that kick un-dead tail in these games than men.

Women in Video Games

Jill Valentine: The original hero in this franchise, she was the only female on the Alpha S.T.A.R.S. team sent into the mansion to locate the first team to go in. The only other woman in the mansion was Rebecca Chambers and you really only saw her by playing Chris and she only lived if you didn’t fuck up. While Rebecca was the only member of the Bravo team sent in to live through the ordeal, she wasn’t as fierce as Jill. Jill picked locks, made it through the game with the wimpiest inventory slots in the world and didn’t become a Jill sandwich (thanks, Barry). Some may argue that Ada is the biggest bad ass, but I’m going to fight that Jill is the tops when it comes to women in video games.

Women in Video Games

Claire Redfield: Chris’s sister that shows up in Resident Evil 2 alongside Leon Kennedy on his first day on the job. While the live action movies do not do Claire any justice, she is definitely a fighter and is a playable character all the way up to Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Claire has never relied on her brother to save her and has been the one to try and save him.

women in video games

Ada Wong: Oh Ada, despite having the technology, they never could make you actually look Asian in the games and despite the game designers making her wear the most ridiculous and, I’m sorry, least appropriate clothing for heavy combat and espionage, she has never needed anyone to save her. Well, not until Resident Evil 6 and even then, she wasn’t helpless. That game was a bit of a clusterfuck but not as awful as people make it out to be. Especially if you don’t mind cut-scenes and quick time events coming out your eyeballs. Ada showed up in Resident Evil 2 and, while she worked for Wesker, had a soft spot for Leon and repeatedly helped him out of jams. She was always her own hero and had more gadgets than Batman.

women in video games

Sherry Birkin: Sherry was just a little girl in Resident Evil 2. She was the daughter of William Birkin who worked on the t-virus from the first game and pioneered the G-virus, which created Nemesis and ultimately killed and mutated him. She returned as a security agent for Resident Evil 6 fighting alongside none other than baby Wesker, Jake Muller. While she’s not as intimidating or as strong as Jill or Claire, she is more than able to hold her own and she far exceeds the abilities of Ashley from Resident Evil 4, which let’s be honest, Ashley had none and everyone hates her. Fuck you, Ashley.

women in video games

Sheva Alomar: Sheva was a B.S.A.A. agent out of the West African branch in Resident Evil 5. When Wesker started some shit in her neck of the woods, she served as an ally and guide to Chris Redfield, who came in guns blazing. While Sheva’s A.I. was awful in single player (I hope you don’t plan on having any help killing enemies) her character was a beast. This is when Chris was near peak buffiness and she was able to keep up and sometimes surpass his abilities. This game gets a lot of hate but I feel it’s one of the most important in the series as it not only introduced the first offline co-op ability to the game but it was Wesker’s big goodbye and he’s my favorite.

women in video games

Mia Winters: While Mia isn’t my favorite Resident Evil character by a long shot (still better than Ashley), she is tougher than the beginning of Resident Evil 7 gives her credit for. While you think she is just another person affected by Eveline, she had secrets. She was in Louisiana for a “babysitting job.” What she didn’t tell her husband was that she was babysitting an extremely volatile bio-weapon. Mia was a secret handler for the clandestine organization called The Connections in the early stages of her development until Eveline got out of control and turned the whole crew on the cargo ship she was being transported on into Molded. Mia then was found by the Baker family which was their downfall. Mia may have started on the wrong side of the tracks but she helped to take down a nearly unbeatable enemy.

women in video games

Lara Croft: This one is a given. The star of Tomb Raider is not only an adventurer and a tomb raider, but she does that shit ALONE. I don’t even like going to the bathroom alone if it’s really late at night. I remember playing Tomb Raider 2 when I was young and other than being completely entranced by the size and unnatural shape of her chesticles, I was terrified at the gameplay. This bitch fought BEARS…ALONE. And wolves. Shit, Liam Neeson couldn’t manage that. She will always be an icon of strength, badassery, and right-angle breasts.


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