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Book Review: STARR CREEK by Nathan Carson

(Note: I was provided with a free copy Starr Creek in exchange for an honest review.) If someone had told me Nathan Carson’s Starr Creek contained goat fucking, I’d have read it sooner. Alas, I had to wait to read it to discover this juicy bit of goodness. But enough about inter-species erotica. How does the rest of the book fare? …

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Book Review – KNUCKLE SUPPER by Drew Stepek (2017)

(Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)  Vampire novels are not something I enjoy reading. Most of the time, they’re about nothing other than good-looking men sitting around half-naked and bemoaning eternity; and chasing after some well-endowed woman, having sex with her, falling in love, then whining because she’s gonna kick the …

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‘Blanky’ by Kealan Patrick Burke – Book Review

Horror is subjective. Different people are afraid of different things. But one thing that nearly all people are afraid of is death. While one’s own death can be a fearful prospect, the death of a loved one – especially an innocent baby – is the utmost in soul-wringing terror. In Kealan Patrick Burke’s newest novella, Blanky, one man finds out …

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