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’13 Bites Volume IV’ Anthology Book Review

Just recently, I was offered the chance to read 13 Bites Volume IV, an anthology of short stories edited and compiled by Alan Seeger and released through Five59 Publishing. Included in the anthology are 14 horror tales written by authors Adam Bennett, Sarah Brett, Lynne Cantwell (former writer for CNN), J.A. Clark (Sorcerer’s Order series), Jay Crowley (Cabin in the Meadow …

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‘Demons Beware’ By Mike Evans – Book Review

In today’s horror society, fans have been pretty interested in demons and exorcism for decades. It started with William Blatty’s infamous 1971 novel The Exorcist. Currently, the trend continues with television shows like The Exorcist. Now it has expanded in regards to Mike Evan’s new book Demons Beware. Evans brings a unique perspective on the story of demonic possession. Demons Beware is Evans’ first …

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Harrowed: The Woodsview Murders – Book Review

In Harrowed: The Woodsview Murders, nothing happens in Avery Blair’s hometown of Woodsview, Massachusetts. Avery is the editor of her high school blog; she wishes that something would happen that would make a great story. Her wish comes true when fellow classmate Beatrice Thompson’s dead body is found in the girls’ bathroom. At first, it is believed that the girl took …

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The Orphans: Origins – Book Review

Zombies take a new form under a new book series The Orphans: Origins by Mike Evans. In 2008, scientists assembled by the United States government develop a drug to combat against chemical warfare. Eight years later, Shaun’s dad (Dr. Frank Fox) and Ellie’s mom (Karen Randall) meet and fall in love much to their kid’s dismay. Their relationship progresses and …

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Suicide Hotline (2016) – Book Review

suicide hotline

Attention extreme horror fans. Have you been looking for an author who knows how to shock you? Well, allow me to introduce you to the writing style of Tim Miller. This fellow can certainly write his ass off. I have come across few writers who know the recipe for an excellent horror novel. Trust me when I tell you that Suicide …

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Death Comes For Us All (2016) – Book Review

No one knows for certain the exact time or place when death will make its call. Eventually, we will all face the cold, hard truth of its inevitability. That is why we need to make the most of our time while we are here. Spend time with your family. Go on a vacation. Do something that scares you. Maybe horror novels scare …

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