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Tales From The Crypt and EC Comics: A History

AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Tales From The Crypt! The shriek and opening to the HBO series Tales From The Crypt still gives people chills nearly 25 years after the show went off the air. The comic books the series was based off of still give people the shivers nearly SIXTY FIVE years later. The comic book company Entertaining Comics established a legacy of …

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What to Make of The Last Jedi

Finally, after two years of waiting, we were given the next episode in the Star Wars saga this past weekend. The Last Jedi made its way into theaters with lots of fanfare and excitement. However, for some, that excitement quickly wore off. Fans are torn and divided over The Last Jedi. I had a chance to see it and I’ll …

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Mother! – A Movie Layered in Symbolism

“Seeing is believing.” Mother! is indeed one of the best movies of 2017. There are so many hidden layers that have great symbolism behind them, and I personally feel that it is imperative to share these meanings to better understand the complexity of this masterful movie. Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! is not for those looking for a love story with a …

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The Snowman – The Ultimate Christmas Horror Cartoon

“A story about death.” If you thought Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman was a joyous Christmas cartoon for the festive season, you’re sadly mistaken. In life, we cherish the precious moments and build our lives on happy memories. For the festive season, it’s traditional to gather with loved ones as we eat, decorate trees and of course, build a snowman. The Snowman …

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Remembering Bram Stoker On His 170th Birthday

For more than a hundred years, the name Count Dracula has struck ice-ridden chills into the hearts of literary readers. Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, is just as well known as his infamous character. The author also has the prestige of having his own award, called The Horror Writer’s Association of American Stoker Award, in honor of his achievements. …

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Mortal Kombat, 25 Years of Horror

Its 1992 and you’re 6 years old. You are a video game fan most notably the Nintendo Entertainment System and the new fangled Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The graphics are primitive with unrealistic 8 or 16 bit sprites. Even arcade games which were graphically superior still displays cartoon-esque images. The games at the time are child friendly and can be …

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