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Remembering Bram Stoker On His 170th Birthday

For more than a hundred years, the name Count Dracula has struck ice-ridden chills into the hearts of literary readers. Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, is just as well known as his infamous character. The author also has the prestige of having his own award, called The Horror Writer’s Association of American Stoker Award, in honor of his achievements. …

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Mortal Kombat, 25 Years of Horror

Its 1992 and you’re 6 years old. You are a video game fan most notably the Nintendo Entertainment System and the new fangled Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The graphics are primitive with unrealistic 8 or 16 bit sprites. Even arcade games which were graphically superior still displays cartoon-esque images. The games at the time are child friendly and can be …

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An Evening with Adam Green

Adam Green

Before I go into detail about this special event, I wanted to preface this by saying that Adam Green is my all time favorite modern day director. I have seen everything he has done excluding, his first film Coffee and Doughnuts, which I believe isn’t available anywhere. Not only am I a huge fan of his work, I am also …

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PopHorror’s Halloween Traditions

halloween traditions

Most of us horror fiends can’t get enough of October and everything that comes with it. It’s the most wonderful time of year and Halloween traditions are the best. Whether it’s watching your favorite horror movie, carving a pumpkin, going to a haunted house, everyone has their favorite things to do. The PopHorror writers are no different. Here are PopHorror’s …

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Why 2017 Is The Best Year For Horror Ever

I’m just going to come right out and say it… 2017 is the best year for horror ever. That’s right! We are currently living in the absolute best year for the horror genre yet. From movies to video games, 2017 is consistently giving us top notch entertainment and I don’t believe that there has been a better year. Still doubting …

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