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What’s New in Horror For November 2017

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean that the horror has to stop. November still has some bloody and terrifying tricks up its sleeve. Read on to find out all of the scary that November 2017 has to offer. November 7 The Elf (VOD) Nick (Gabriel Miller) is haunted by night terrors stemming from a tragic murder he saw when he …

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The Perfect Horror-Themed Drinks For Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for us horror fans to shed our masks and celebrate the way we truly want to celebrate every day. In order to properly party, we’ll need the perfect beverages for the occasion. Leave it to PopHorror to bring you the coolest and most disgusting drinks imaginable to celebrate our favorite holiday. So, …

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Vintage Photos of Creepy Homemade Costumes!

In one of my recent peruses through my Facebook feed, I found this vintage video of a 1977 Woolworth’s ad for Halloween costumes. Woolworth's Halloween Costume Commercial 1977 Posted by Remembering America 1950's-1990's on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 I never had a Woolworth’s costume. I was a lucky girl and my mom handmade my Halloween costumes. They were always awesome …

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Try These Gross Halloween Foods – If You Dare!

Halloween is quickly approaching. Looking for some last minute party food ideas or Halloween snack ideas? Look no further. There is a catch though! These food ideas are absolutely gross! So prepare yourself and read on if you dare. 1. Ratloaf     Recipe includes the “guts” when you cut into it! Find out how to make this Ratloaf here. 

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Top 5 Scariest Hospitals in Horror Movies

Happy Halloween Month! Today, PopHorror takes a look at the top 5 scariest hospitals in horror movies. Why are hospitals considered to be such scary places? Just think of all the anguish that has gone on there, especially the asylums and infirmaries of times past. Even with the help of doctors and nurses, people would still writhe in agony as …

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Top 10 Urban Legends From Around The World

Happy Halloween month, horror lovers! To celebrate our favorite time of the year, PopHorror wanted to bring you our top 10 urban legends from around the world – five myths and five truths. So sit back and get ready to be scared.   Top 5 Urban Legends That Are Only Myths Meat is Murder  The is creepy urban legend comes all …

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PopHorror’s DIY Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations

Happy October, PopHorror readers! Can you feel Halloween approaching? I know I can, and I just love Halloween decorations. My family usually starts preparations in the beginning of August. This year, we discovered a large portion of our decorations were damaged beyond repair and not salvageable; it was devastating. I turned to what I do best: inexpensive, DIY and re-purposed …

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