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P.O.E. 4: The Black Cat (2017) Film Review

The P.O.E. films are probably one of the more unique anthology series out there. The titles have been producing a various number of interesting interpretations on the late writer’s work. Thus far, I have only seen P.O.E. 3: Pieces Of Eldrich besides this fourth installment, but I do have P.O.E. 2 in my sights. P.O.E. 4: The Black Cat changes direction …

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Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered (2017) Book Review

Legendary Aussie artist Martin Trafford has been a busy boy, sketching covers and themes for a majority of indie films. He has also teamed up with German cult filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit, director of Nekromantik, to deliver a very cool underground comic that serves as a sequel to the films. Presented by Pieces and Horror Planet, the book Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered is …

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‘Cannibal Farm’ (2018): Movie Review

Move over, Texas! There is a brand new chainsaw-wielding maniac across the pond. Hailed as the British version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Cannibal Farm was released on January 2nd to stream on VOD. The film follows the Harver family on a camping trip turned gory as they encounter the horrors at the Hansen Farm. Synopsis: The Harver family head out on …

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Stegman Is Dead (2017) Movie Review

Every once in awhile, I get the opportunity to review something that allows me to broaden my horizons from the horror films I usually review. Stegman Is Dead is one of those films, a comedic crime thriller starring genre legend Michael Ironside in a major supporting role. Stegman Is Dead is a comedy/crime thriller from director David Hyde from a …

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