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BITS 2017: ‘The Wolf’- Short Film Review

the wolf

Since I started writing for PopHorror, I’ve seen some fantastic, wonderfully made indie films. Their quality and inventiveness always blow me away. Did The Wolf (also known as Le Loup) earn its place on my favorite horror short films list? Find out below! The Wolf centers around young couple Sarah (Sara Sue Vallee) and Gabriel (Patrick Gauthier). The couple goes to …

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‘The Daughters of Virtue’ (2017) Horror Short

We all sin, but some sins are deemed worse than others. Sometimes we feel like we have no control and perhaps sometimes we don’t. What if we were possessed? In the new horror short The Daughters of Virtue one woman’s sins are far more complicated than anyone knows. The Daughters of Virtue is directed and written by Michael Escobedo. The cast …

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‘Born Again’ (2017 Horror Comedy): Hilarious and Wickedly Twisted

Throughout the years, several movies have told the story of the Devil coming back through reincarnation or some crazy type of Satanism. The most popular one is probably The Omen. However, Hands Off Productions takes a step further with their new horror comedy short Born Again. Born Again is directed by Jason Tostevin, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Randall Greenland. Greenland also …

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‘The Night Whispered’ by Nicholas Vince – A Short Horror Film

“We don’t bite.” We’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing well-known, talented actor Nicholas Vince. Nicholas is the one and only Chatterer, from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. He got up close and personal, sharing his experiences with us and giving a few important pointers on his career experience. You can read the interview here. Nicholas is not known only for Hellraiser. He is also an …

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