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School Bus Graveyard is the Perfect Setting for a Horror Movie

As a writer and avid horror fan, I’m always thinking about unique settings and different stories I would like to see in a horror movie. With horror, your imagination truly never dies. I recently discovered something called the School Bus Graveyard in Georgia and it’s a sight to behold.  According to ONLYINYOURSTATE.COM, “This unique auto-salvage-turned-art-gallery was created by Alonzo Wade, …

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Terrifyingly Beautiful Concept Art for Pennywise’s New Lair

Ahhh only a few more months until the new IT comes out and we just can’t hear enough about it! Most recently, we’re loving the concept art for Pennywise’s new lair – courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. With every new tease that comes out, fans become more excited and get a better understanding of how dark the story will be this time …

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Creepy Places Around the World: Victor’s Way in Ireland

The are many creepy places around the world – Mystic rivers, forbidden caves, enchanted forests, and even some off-kilter state parks. In Wicklow, Ireland, there is an insanely creepy park called The Indian Sculpture Park in Victor’s Way. In this park, you will find some of the craziest and most bizarre sculptures that you’ve ever seen. Victor Langheld established the park …

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Sunken Treasure Original Jaws Scrapbook – Slideshow

Remember Harry Wiseman, Bad Hat Harry in Jaws and Jaws 2?  Well Alfred Wilde the actor who played Harry Wiseman created a scrapbook throughout his time on Jaws.  This fantastic look into the production of the original Jaws motion picture is being auctioned off on Saturday March 18, 2017 by Blackwell Auctions of Clearwater Florida.  The never before seen collection …

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