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Nightmarish Poster for ‘The New Mutants!’

Awhile back we shared the awesome teaser trailer for Fox/Marvel’s The New Mutants, a horror film featuring Marvel characters. I’ve been anxiously awaiting more news on the project and now I finally have something to share. Check out the first official poster for The New Mutants!

I think the poster is simple but badass. It provides a glimpse at some of the character while evoking a Nightmare on Elm Street vibe (when the souls were tearing Freddy apart, also when Freddy was coming through the wall). In case you missed it, here is all the information on the film thus far.

The New Mutants is the latest film from director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars). Boone wrote the script with Knate Lee (Kidnap). The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin/Magik (wields magic, can teleport), Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane (lycanthropy), Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie/Cannonball (flight, during which he is invulnerable), Henry Zaga as Roberto da Costa/Sunspot (superhuman strength, flight, solar absorption and rechanneling, heat and light projection, concussive blasts). Then there is Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar/Mirage (power to create illusions drawn from the fears and desires of a person’s mind) and Alice Braga as Cecilia Reyes (generates a protective bio-field around herself).

Does the poster have you looking forward to The New Mutants? Let us know in the comments!

The New Mutants Trailer!

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