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Check Out The Killer Trailer For ‘Talon Falls’!

One of my favorite films of the past couple years is The Funhouse Massacre (check out my review here). When I first heard of Talon Falls, it instantly reminded me of The Funhouse Massacre. After seeing the trailer, the execution couldn’t be more different. Check it out!


This sinister tale follows a group of teenagers as they visit a Halloween horror theme park featuring gruesome exhibits whose hosts are dressed to the horror nines. The friends soon discover that the hyper realistic staged scares they are witnessing are very real and being performed on innocent victims by a clan of murderous lunatics that inhabit the park. They must quickly figure a way out before they become the next live torture attraction.

The movie, which stars Morgan Wiggins, Ryan Rudolph, Jordyn Rudolph and Brad Bell, was written and directed by Joshua Shreve and produced by Shreve, Jeff Steinborn and Leslie Mills, and executive produced by Todd Ferren and Kent Hammond.  The film was a co-production with the well-known Talon Falls Screampark located in Melber, Kentucky where the movie was also shot.

Talon Falls looks fun, twisted and brutal. What do you think? Are you going to check it out when it hits VOD on October 13th? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye out for our review coming soon.

About Charlie Cargile

I’ve been obsessed with all things horror since watching Night of the Creeps through my fingers as a young child. I’m a soon to be published author and aspiring screenwriter from middle of nowhere Illinois. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Gravy, Evil Dead, May, and Cemetery Man. I have a deep love for indie horror.

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