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‘Crystal Lake Publishing – The Next Chapter’ Needs YOUR Help!

One of PopHorror’s favorite small book publishers needs your help! Crystal Lake Publishing is an outstanding small press that publishes dark fiction books and anthologies, with some of their most important works coming out in the next 15 months. In order to keep these titles coming and supporting both authors and readers, they are reaching out for help. They have set up an impressive Indiegogo campaign.

Crystal Lake Publishing prides itself on being the most helpful publisher around. We go out of our way to support authors and help them grow. With your help, we’ll be able to help them even more, while also paying authors more.

At the moment we provide online video workshops through our Patreon page. We release only the best in non-fiction books on the craft of writing. We offer professional editing services. And we even have monthly mentoring programs geared toward writing and career skills. We don’t care if an author’s been previously published or not; if they’re talented and submit a great story, we’ll publish it.

Crystal Lake Publishing is one of the best small presses out there, and we want to continue growing and expanding. Standing still in today’s markets only is definitely not a key to survival.

The Indiegogo has copious prizes for both readers and authors! You definitely need to check it out! I don’t believe I’ve seen a crowdfunding project like this before. There are over 30 pledge rewards and more added daily. Check out the Indiegogo here. Stay up to date by following Crystal Lake Publishing’s Facebook page.

So far, PopHorror has reviewed quite a few titles from Crystal Lake Publishing, including Quiet Places by Jasper Bark and the upcoming Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre.

What I find unique about this press, from following them over the past few years, is that they really do support authors and provide an opportunity for growth. They are open and encourage all authors. Whether  you are a newbie or a veteran, if you have a great story, they will publish it. I encourage you to check out their Indiegogo and all they have to offer. Let’s keep feeding our dark fiction addiction by supporting Crystal Lake Publishing – The Next Chapter.

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