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Cult Film ‘One Of Us’ Is Released on DVD This December

Monarch Entertainment’s One Of Us tells the story of journalist Melanie Roberts (Christa B. Allen) as she searches the mysterious and reclusive cult Ascension Family Commune for her friend, Haley (Lisseth Chavez), who seems to have disappeared.Too soon she is bewitched by the cult’s charismatic leader, even as her friend’s disappearance grows more and more mysterious. Although the other cult members insist that they know nothing of Haley, it soon becomes obvious that the girl has met a gruesome fate at the hands of this murderous cult.


On a mission to find her friend, investigative journalist Melanie Roberts tracks down the Ascension Family Commune and goes undercover to discover what exactly is happening there. Under the pretense of joining, she meets the charismatic leader and charms her way into the cult. But her friend Haley isn’t there; and the other women are silent about her disappearance. Dark secrets are buried in the soil of the commune, and though she doesn’t know it, Melanie is already in too deep.

One of Us was directed by Blake Reigle (Beneath the Surface 2007). As well, the film stars: Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt 2009), Derek Smith (Euogilia 2017), Carly Schroeder (Ouija House 2017), Chasty Ballesteros (The Internship 2013) and Ashley Wood (Argo 2012). This shocking title will show at online DVD retailers this December 12th through Monarch Home Entertainment. The film has not been rated and will be released in this format. Fans of horror or of thrillers can see the film for themselves in just a few days.

Are you a fan of cult horror films? Will you be watching One of Us? Let us know in the comments below!

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