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‘Do Not Read’ Gets a Teaser Trailer and Exclusive Stills!

Nothing excites us more then being able to share all the latest horror movie news and trailers with all of you! Today do we have a treat for all of our readers. We are excited to show you the first official trailer for the new independent horror film Do Not Read and also some exclusive stills from the movie! So what are we waiting for? Check out this creepy teaser trailer for Do Not Read.

Official Synopsis for Do Not Read:

When a psychiatric doctor researches a young girls’ diary to find out why she murdered her entire family, he begins to fall into the same state of insomnia and confusion that lead her to lose her mind.

That looks and sounds pretty damn creepy to me! What do you guys think?

Check out these movie stills!

Do Not Read
Director Joe Nowland (Guilt)
Do Not Read
Kelly Frances Fischer (Rose 2016)
Do Not Read
Ouch that looks like it’s going to hurt!

Do Not Read looks like its going to be a bloody good time, and a fun mystery as well! I’m loving the aspect of reading the diary and sending the lead actor into a complete and total downward spiral! I think this movie is going to be a fun psychological horror-thriller that is going to keep you guessing throughout! The film is Co-written by Joe Nowland and Daniel White. Scott Broughton (Thunder 2016) stars alongside Kelly Frances Fisher.

Here’s one of their promo posters… 

Do Not Read
Do Not Read

If you would like to learn more about Do Not Read please be sure to go give their Facebook pages a like at @DoNotReadMovie and @Hawk9Productions. The film has no firm release date at this time, but it is scheduled to come out sometime in 2018! Stay tuned to PopHorror for all the latest news on Do Not Read!

Sound off in the comments of what you think of this awesome teaser trailer!


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  1. Definitely looks interesting. I think the teaser could have focused a little more on the premise of the diary, but it still works to set the tone of the film.

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