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Don’t Text And Drive: Elizabeth’s Story (2017) Short Film Review

Texting and driving is a major issue, especially when it comes to young people. Usually resorting to cheap jokes and rhymes, most Public Service Announcements gloss over the deadly habit and what can result from texting behind the wheel. It’s rare that one actually tackles the issue head on in hopes that they will get through to young and old drivers alike. Don’t Text and Drive: Elizabeth’s Story is a brand new type of PSA, one that lays it all out in the opening, making you face they horrible truth of the issue.

Don’t Text And Drive: Elizabeth’s Story is a PSA short film from writer/director Ember Burns. The film stars Angie Amata, Rachel Anderson, Brandon Bell, Kristy Clark, Tim Hale, Collin Johnson, Lande, and Alyse Regan.

It has been years since a PSA has made me emotional, but Don’t Text and Drive: Elizabeth’s Story has done just that. This terrifying, true to life film shows the very real horror of what can happen when you text and drive. The short follows a young woman who is involved in a car accident due to texting. She sees the events leading up to and directly after the crash as well as how her family reacts to her fate.

While some of what sells the PSA is shock value, what really effected me was the emotion in the acting. Seeing the pure heartbreak on the face of her loved ones as they realize that their lives would never be the same was devastating. I have friends and family who text and drive and it drives me nuts. I would hate to experience the loss of a loved one to something as stupid as a text message. Anything you have to say will be just as relevant once you get to your destination. Check your phone and you may never make it there. Below, I have enclosed the link to the short PSA. Check it out and be sure to share it with friends and family who text and drive. You might just save a life.

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