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Viral Films UK’s ‘For Her…’ (2017) Horror Short Review

What is it about love that makes people so crazy? Even Shakespeare couldn’t resist penning a tale about two star-crossed lovers and the insane and even deadly choices they each made to stay together. In Viral Films UK’s horror short For Her…, we see just how far one man is willing to go to keep the love of his life happy, content and healthy.

The official synopsis:

Jonathan and Elizabeth are deeply in love. But their relationship is tested when Elizabeth becomes afflicted by a devastating illness. Follow Jonathan’s emotional journey as he struggles to deal with inevitable tragedy, and discover what lengths he is willing to go to For Her…

After raising the filmmaking costs through Indiegogo, the short was directed and produced by Daniel Mark Young (Run 2016 – read our review here), who gathered up his reliable crew – writer/producer/writer James Craigie, composer Adam Woodhams, producer/DoP Michelle Barry, producer Martine Beaseley and actress Mari Beaseley – to once again pour their blood, sweat and tears into another amazing project. Young brought in newcomer Darrell Pringle to help Michelle with the camera work. Along with Mari, For Her… stars Derek Nelson (Dark is the Night 2016), Natasha Killip (Don’t Let Go 2013), Viral Films UK veteran Mari Beaseley (Run 2016) and the stunningly beautiful Kattreya Scheurer-Smith. Two gorgeous songs by the honey-voiced pop artist Kina Grannis, “Little Worrier” and “Throw It Away,” were also featured in the short, creating an even deeper emotional toll to an already heartrending plot.

Styled by the filmmakers as “a romantic drama with a horror twist,” For Her… is shown through the eyes of Jonathan (Nelson), a love-struck young man who cannot believe that the sultry, bewitching Elizabeth (Scheurer-Smith) is his and his alone. You can just see the bubbly bewilderment in his eyes every time he looks at her. Elizabeth, on the other hand, runs hot and cold with poor Jonathan. He notices, but for the most part, he doesn’t care, as long as she stays.

Every day, Jonathan leaves for work, poised to drop everything and come home the moment Elizabeth calls him. You see, Elizabeth is very sick, and Jonathan knows that there’s one more thing he can do for his beloved besides hold her hair back as she pukes into the toilet. As he watches her get sicker and sicker, the young man steels himself for what he must do For Her…
















In just 20 minutes, Young managed to cram an entire relationship’s worth of ups and downs into this twisty horror short. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for sweet Jonathan, who only wanted some balance and happiness in his life. When he chose to talk to the girl in the bar, half of me wanted to see him jump in her car and leave the needy yet gorgeous Elizabeth forever. The other half of me, however, wanted him to go home and snuggle in bed with his adored treasure. Of course, the short wouldn’t be a horror film without a few scares and more than a little blood, which Young is not afraid to add. The effects are wonderfully done, both specialized and gory. For Her… is gorgeous, passionate and bloody twisted from beginning to end. If you get the chance, be sure to check out this fantastic little piece of romance and gore. You’ll be glad you did.

Be sure to keep up with Daniel Mark Young and Viral Films UK by checking out the website, following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As always, PopHorror will bring you the most updated info on the Viral Films UK gang, so be sure to keep checking back here as well.



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