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Horror Short ‘For Her…’ Begins Filming

It wasn’t too long ago that we shared the Indiegogo campaign for the UK horror short For Her…, and now we’re here to tell you that that campaign was a success! Director/editor/producer Daniel Mark Young (Run 2016) has recently let us know that filming on the project has begun. Check it out!


The two pictures above are the first screen grabs from the first few scenes filmed. Although filming has just begun, both the cast and crew are excited about this short and cannot wait to share it with the world.

The official synopsis:

Jonathan and Elizabeth are deeply in love, but their relationship is tested when Elizabeth becomes afflicted by a devastating illness. Follow Jonathan’s emotional journey as he struggles to deal with inevitable tragedy and discover what lengths he’s willing to go For Her…

Besides Daniel Mark Young, For Her… has writer/producer James Craigie, cinematographer/producer Michelle Barry, makeup and FX artist Lisa Mathieson, composer Adam Woodhams, actress Mari Beaseley and casting director/producer Martine Beaseley on board, all of whom worked together on Run. This time around, the crew has added actresses Wonder Woman’s Kattreya Scheurer-Smith and Natasha Killip (Chronology 2015), actor Derek Nelson (Dark Is the Night 2016) and camera operator Darrell Pringle (Massive Attack: Eleven Promos 2001).

The crew has even taken the time to compile an unofficial soundtrack to go along with For Her... Besides singer/songwriter Kina Grannis beautiful tracks “Little Worrior” and “Throw It Away” from her 2014 album Elements, Elizabeth’s Mix Tape also features Sonic Youth, Bjork and The Cure. Feel free to listen below!

Also, they’ve started a production diary that you can visit here that keeps you up to date on how filming is going and what kind of problems or successes that the filmmakers have had to date. Although this diary has just started today, we are hoping that the crew will take the time to post more videos as the behind the scenes story of For Her… progresses.

Keep your eye on that video diary and don’t forget to check back often with PopHorror for more news on this emotionally terrifying short. We’ve heard the poster will be revealed any minute!


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