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‘IT’ Shatters Box Office Records and Audience Expectations

That *beep beep beep* you hear is the sound of the money truck backing up. The latest incarnation of Stephen King’s IT absolutely destroyed Box Office records this weekend to the tune of $123 million! Unbelievable! Perhaps even more surprising is the strength of the reviews. The movie is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes at 86% positive. The audience scores are even higher (89%)!

IT New From Box Office Mojo

WEEKEND RECAP: With a monster, $117 million opening weekend Warner Bros. and New Line’s It has delivered a record-breaking opening, breathing a little life back into the slumping domestic box office. The film has claimed the largest September opening, largest Fall opening, the largest opening for an R-rated horror film, not to mention the largest opening weekend for a horror film of any MPAA rating, and tops Open Road’s new release Home Again in second place by nearly $110 million. Overall, the film accounted for more than 75% of the combined gross for the weekend’s top twelve, and we’ve only just begun.

In a word: WOW! To say IT shattered all Box Office expectations is an understatement. The studio was aiming for $60 million and hoping they had an outside chance at $75 million. With a $123 million haul, you can bet there’s a party going on at New Line and Warner Bros. today!


The Losers Club

A Real Crowd Pleaser

So how was the movie? We loved it (you can read our review here). Nearly everyone did, it seems. In addition to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the film garnered a B+ Cinemascore. You have to think the recent success of Netflix’s nostalgic Stranger Things, the positive word of mouth, and some really creative marketing helped this one hit a grand slam.

I personally enjoyed the film. It was the Stand By Me re-imagining I didn’t know I needed. The fact that the film was set in the 80’s really drove home the nostalgia for me (I was 16 in 1989).

So what does all of this success translate to? A sequel, of course! Entertainment Weekly already has some early details for Chapter Two. You know we’ll be watching this one closely as it develops!

Did you get out to see IT this weekend? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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