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Love Runs: How You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

At PopHorror, we write about a lot of fake frights. We’ve got articles on dream slashers, giant ants and ghosts that live in the Internet. But there are real horrors out there that people have to live through every waking second, day in and day out, and they happen right here in the United States. Every 30 seconds, someone is abducted in the US and sold into slavery. Yes, I said slavery. Human trafficking is the 21st century’s name for the degrading, debilitating practice of buying and selling a human being like cattle, and people from all ends of the financial spectrum fall victim to these horrifying deeds.

Just because it’s not as obvious as it used to be doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And just because you don’t know anyone personally who has ever had to suffer through the indignity and injustice of human trafficking doesn’t mean that you can’t help. Dig around a bit and you will find plenty of organizations dedicated to stop human trafficking and to helping those rescued from this modern form of slavery. Right now, Love Runs, a non-profit agency out of Metro Detroit, is partnering with the Northridge Church to support the Detroit Free Press Chemical Bank Marathon 2017. Safe housing, medical and psychological support, educational and vocational training are just some of the basics that Love Runs will be funding. 

1440 signifies the number of minutes in every day that a human trafficking victim is enslaved, and the same number of minutes we are free. To help increase awareness to this cause, we’ve partnered with Love Runs, a charity who helps victims of trafficking in the Metro Detroit area, and signed up to run our very first half-marathon and full marathon AND to raise funds for this very important cause. Join us in the fight to end human trafficking in Metro Detroit by donating to our fundraising account. 

From the Love Runs website:


Anyone willing to run any FREEP event can join Love Runs as a runner. If you’re not able to run, you can financially support a runner or just donate funds to Love Runs. Regardless of your background, you can join this fight for the freedom of others…many of whom are the most vulnerable and at-risk.

Law enforcement is making a difference. They’ve located and identified hundreds of victims. They know their names, but they just don’t have enough qualified places to put them. The psychological, physical and spiritual damage to victims can take years to overcome.

The last day to support this cause is October 15, 2017, so that gives you just under a month to get the word out by sharing this article and encouraging people to donate to this heartbreaking cause. You do not need to be a resident of Detroit or even Michigan to offer your support. You just need to want to put a stop to slavery in the 21st century.

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