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New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Short Film Dropped!


Today is a special holiday among certain horror fans: 4/26, or Alien Day, is a special time of year when fans of the Alien series get together and watch the classic films, discuss them, and generally, try and forget about the awful Alien / Human hybrid from Alien: Resurrection. The holiday is named after LV-426, aka the planet that the crew of the Nostromo first discover the titular creatures, as well as the destroyed Space Jockey ship.

This year’s Alien Day greeted fans with a special surprise: a brand new short film to promote the newest film in the series, Alien: Covenant. What is quickly apparent about this short is very, very exciting to fans of the series: we have a definitive link between A:C and 2012’s Prometheus, the “unofficial-but-then-super-officialAlien prequel.

When we last saw our heroes from Prometheus, there were only two of them left: Elizabeth Shaw (Rooney Mara) and David (Michael Fassbender), or what was left of him. The two had taken one of the Engineer’s ships and had begun to pilot it in an attempt to find, once and for all, the Engineer’s home world, to make contact.

I won’t go about spoiling the actual teaser here – it’s only 2:10, and I’m pretty sure if you can read this article then you probably have enough time to take a look at it – but suffice to say, for those digging deeper into the previously released Alien: Covenant trailers (here and here), many questions as to certain set-pieces are definitely answered, if not explicitly then implicitly. It’s really quite a shock that we got this now, instead of in the movie itself, but it seems like Ridley Scott wanted us all to have a nice Alien Day.

Check it out and let us know what you think about it down in the comments! Goodness knows the speculating has only just begun with this one.

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