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Sulphur for Leviathan

New Trailer for Sodom & Chimera Productions’ ‘Sulphur for Leviathan’

We’re excited to announce that Sodom & Chimera Productions has debuted the first trailer and new stills for Sulphur for Leviathan. For those wondering, this is the 13-minute companion piece to last year’s The Temple of Lilith.

Check out the trailer down below!

From filmmaker James Quinn, comes a dark and artsy horror story unlike any other. The film stars Susan M. Martin (Plank Face, Space Babes from Outer Space) as The Nun, Jerry Larew (She Was So Pretty) as Lucifer, Craig Long as Satan, and Joseph Knapik as a demon priest.

The film’s score was created by composer Leanna Primiani, who worked on the award-winning horror short The Daughters of Virtue. It also features music by the band Come to Grief (a Doom/Sludge Metal band. Their song “Killed by Life” was used for the end credits.

Official Synopsis for Sulphur for Leviathan:

Sulphur for Leviathan revolves around a nun, who suddenly finds herself progressively fantasizing about things that shouldn’t be in her head. Increasingly having to face her own doings of blasphemy, all leading up to something demonically dark and sinister. Portrayed in a surreal manner both in color and black and white, with a heavy focus on elegant cinematography, the film tells a satanic tale of unfulfilled desires, lust, blasphemy and existential dread, packed in a controversial and disturbing, but calm and poetic experience that is heavily inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, with a touch of satanism.

According to the press release, Sulphur for Leviathan began as an idea of rage. “An outcry of anger against the anti-rationalism of the Catholic church.” Definity food for thought and bound to bring up questions.

Sulphur for Leviathan will premiere on the film circuit in 2018. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know!



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