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No Dormiras

‘No Dormirás’ (You Shall Not Sleep) Trailer, Posters Are Here!

Don’t ask me what they’re saying, but the new trailer for No Dormirás (You Shall Not Sleep) looks crazy as Hell! The film is the latest from Gustavo Hernández  (La Casa Muda). Belén Rueda, Eva De Dominici, and Natalia de Molina star. Fox International is releasing the film in 2018.

Check out this creepy trailer!

No Dormirás Synopsis

In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, an avant-garde theater group experimented with insomnia for the preparation of the montage of a work created twenty years ago by a group of patients. With the passage of days without sleep, they reach new thresholds of perception, that face them to energize and histories hidden of the place… 

“When Bianca, a young promise of the theater, joins the cast, competing for the lead role, must survive not only the intensity of work and her companions, but an unknown force that pushes her, like the others, to the tragic Denouement of the original staging.

Sounds killer! I love the visual style. There’s some pretty amazing direction and cinematography going on here, from what I see. Heck, I dig the music, too!

There are a number of film posters floating around as well. Check these out! This one appears to be the original…

No Dormirás

And this is an alternate I found on Twitter…

No Dormirás

And a third I found on Facebook…

No Dormirás

The director’s last film, La Casa Muda was remade for U.S. audiences and released as The Silent House. I imagine it won’t be too long and we’ll see an Americanized version of this film as well. I’ll be checking out both!

Keep checking back with PopHorror for updates as we know more. In the meantime, be sure to follow the film on Twitter and on Facebook!

What do you think? Will you check out No Dormirás? Tell us in the comments!

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