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Inspired by Wes Craven ‘Never Sleep’ Delivers A New Nightmare

Cruel Beauty Productions will be screening their new short film Ruby from their trilogy Nightmare (inspired by Wes Craven) on October 14th & 15th at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. In honor of that, we want to share with you the details about their series as well as the first short – Never Sleep!

As previously mentioned, Never Sleep is the first story in the Nightmare trilogy with Ruby being the second one. Check out all the information about the trilogy down below.


Nightmare is a three-part series of short films inspired and dedicated to the late Wes Craven’s early and iconic films, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes and Last House on the Left. Like Cruel Beauty’s other works, the trilogy brings in elements from each Wes Craven film and weaves its own unique story, set on Hogback Mountain in southern Vermont. Each film is its own chilling nightmare leading to the next. The score, composed before shooting the film, is eerily akin to an otherworldly chamber orchestra and combines Johnny Butler’s sultry saxophone and other woodwind instrument melodies with Dani Mari’s haunting witchy vocals.



Strolling through the woods, a young woman is interrupted when a sorcerer is allured by her jeweled necklace. The sorcerer summons an evil spirit from the land to follow the young woman and claim her soul bounded by the necklace.”

    Written & Directed by Richard Bates
    A Cruel Beauty Production
    Produced by Dani Mari & Johnny Butler
    Cast: Dani Mari, Zack Rose
    Special FX Makeup: Overture FX
    Crew: Zack Rose, TJ Katz
    Lyrics and Vocals by Dani Mari
    Composition and Sound Design by Johnny Butler

Never Sleep is hauntingly beautiful and it’s not hard to tell that the inspiration comes from the ever so talented Wes Craven. Now we can’t wait to see what they have in store with Ruby. Anyone attending the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is in for a treat.

Let us know if you’re attending the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and your thoughts on this awesome Nightmare trilogy.





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