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Costumes for Halloween 2017

PopHorror’s Readers Show Their Costumes for Halloween 2017

Here at PopHorror, we celebrate Halloween and Horror 365 days a year! A few days ago, we asked some of our readers to show us their masks, makeup, and costumes for Halloween 2017 and here is a collection of them.

Costumes for Halloween 2017!

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The bride of Frankenstein’s monster (Anna Ace) with her little funtime foxy. Both handmade costumes
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D.D. Crowley’s medieval plague makeup
Slide 3 |

Chip Gillock as Batman with his wife Patience
Slide 4 |

Biviana Rodarte sporting her Hocus Pocus shirt!
Slide 5 |

Eagan Tilghman as Edward Scissorhands
Slide 6 |

Slide 7 |

Coven FX owners Cassandra Byers & Haylee Detroit as Coraline & Other Mother at Eryn Krueger Mekash & Mike Mekash’s Annual Mekash Halloween Bash!
Slide 8 |

Brandon Long looking like the undead!
Slide 9 |

Brenda York and her boy Damien!
Slide 10 |

Michael Schwartz II ready for business.
Slide 11|

Lexi as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Kyeanne as a feisty kitty cat!
Slide 12|

Christopher Filipowicz as old man Logan.
Slide 13|

Billy Balder the pumpkin king!
Slide 14|

Slide 15|

Zachary Howard is one scary ninja!
Slide 16|

Josh Burns is not a creature I’d want to mess with.
Slide 17|

Laura Plant kills it as Tiffany
Slide 18|

Aimee Van Goey is the perfect Negan
Slide 19|

We love Chris Ambriz’s makeup!
Slide 20|

Heather White looks amazing!
Slide 21|

Roger Jørgensen goes as Jason!
Slide 22|

Slide 23|

Daniel Alfano as twisty!
Slide 24|

Shari Petrasek-Miot this is beautiful makeup!
Slide 25|

Brittany Dawn Shinault great makeup!
Slide 26|

Slide 27|

James Jordan may give Jeffrey Dean Morgan a run for his money as Negan!
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