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‘Rotten Cotton’ Official Teaser and GoFundMe for a Good Cause

Every once in awhile, a horror trailer will come along and catches my eye like no other. Upon watching the teaser trailer for Rotten Cotton, I can tell you it certainly has my attention and I think it will gain yours as well. This has to be one of the most demented, captivating teasers I’ve watched in a long time and it has me so excited to share it with all of you! Check it out!

Trippy huh? I am beyond excited to see the whole full length feature! The film stars Wil Johnson (TV’S Waking the Dead) and Kaz B. (Zombie Driftwood). Writer/director/ producer/actor of Rotten Cotton, Kasper Lewis, did not just set out to make a mind blowing horror movie, but he also wants to bring awareness to everyone about the dangers of being bullied and suicide awareness. How can you not get behind a film that supports that?

We Want You…To help support this film!

The good news is, if you would like to help support Rotten Cotton and the rest of the cast and crew help bring awareness to these causes, Kasper Lewis is currently running a Go Fund Me! Besides donating for the cause there are some pretty awesome rewards as well for doing so! You can check that all out here! Need more convincing? Watch this video with Lewis and see how passionate he is about this film and this cause!

If you are unable to donate, please spread the good word by sharing this article – every little bit helps! Also, please stay tuned to PopHorror for all the latest information on the crazy upcoming film Rotten Cotton! Until then, let us know what you think about the new teaser trailer in the comments and if you are excited to see this wild film! 

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