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Scary Awesome Bath Bombs From Sweet Shop of Horrors!

Here at PopHorror, we love unique, horror-inspired products. We found a new shop to satisfy our need for both horror and bath bombs called Sweet Shop of Horrors. The shop not only offers unique goth products, but also delicious smells and are handmade to order. We absolutely adore the devilish tagline.

Bath Products To Die For!
These bath products are loaded with skin loving properties that nourish and replenish the skin. BEST USED NAKED!
Sweet Shop of Horrors is constantly creating original products. There are many others on their site, so be sure you check out all of their sweet smelling goodies right here.
Blueberry Scented – $7


Irish Cream Scented – $10


Scented in Lavender Eucalyptus & Topped with Lavender & Eucalyptus Bath Salt – $13


Scented in pecan pie and vanilla ice cream (Subject to Change) – $15
Here is a cool product that this shop is working on for next month. Body wash in a blood bag!

Body wash will be finished next month! What are some scents you guys absolutely love?#bodywash #showergel #shower #homemadesoap

Posted by Sweet Shop of Horrors on Monday, September 11, 2017

The shop also has a new bath bomb in the works. It’s Carol Anne from Poltergeist! Looks so shiny and perfect for the horror loving bath bomb fiend. “Don’t look into the light!”

Don't look into the light Carol Anne Coming soon! #poltergeist #dontlookintothelight #bathbombs #horrorbomb #horrorbathbombs #scarymovie

Posted by Sweet Shop of Horrors on Friday, September 15, 2017

These products are super hot right now. The shop is taking pre-orders and are starting to sell out, so be sure to grab yours! Don’t forget to like and follow their Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss any announcements. As Sweet Shop of Horrors says, “Soak in the Horror!”

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