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‘Sightings’ (2017): Hauntingly Heartbreaking

Losing someone is never easy and the mourning process can be unbearable. Two sisters go through this pain in the new horror short Sightings.

Sightings was written and directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson. The short stars Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri. The FX is by Alina Sauve, music by Ziwirek Beats, Curtis Berndt, and Tyler Matthews. It follows the story of two women who are mourning the loss of their little sister.

I always appreciate Andrew J.D. Robinson’s work, but I must say Sightings is my new favorite. His new short is only a little over 2 minutes long but is hauntingly heartbreaking and will send chills down your spine.

You wouldn’t think 2 minutes would be long enough to deliver such an emotional story, but Sightings does. My heart broke as the sisters discover the truth behind the fate of their sister and I could feel the pain they were in.

My favorite part of this short was the incredible FX by Alina Sauve. Beautiful work and truly made the story special.

Final Thoughts:

Sightings is a heartbreaking horror short that delivers a tragic story with amazing FX. Although super short, it’s amazing work, so definitely check it out!


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