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‘Sightings’ (2017): Conspiracy of the Cosmos Review

Thousands of strange phenomena sightings are reported each year, ranging from the legendary Bigfoot to UFOs and extraterrestrial life. However, with lack of substantial evidence, such sightings are typically discredited and explained away, believed only by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. A new tale of strange sightings is spun together into a unique story of an intergalactic conspiracy in High Octane …

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Top 5 Almost Horror Films of All Time

 If you’ve ever googled “Bigfoot,” you’ve probably seen the hulking, out-of-focus photograph of a monster in the woods. For me, that’s the most frightening part of the entire Bigfoot myth, he (or she – let’s not be sexist about Bigfoot) is blurry. By being blurry, Bigfoot might be an ape, might be a bear on its hind legs, might be a …

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Bigfoot The Movie (2015) Movie Review

I said it once and I’ll say it again: I’m not a huge fan of Bigfoot movies. I only agreed to watch Bigfoot The Movie since it labeled itself a horror comedy, which is something I usually love. Was that the case here? Bigfoot The Movie was directed by Jared Show from a script written by Show and Curt Wootton, featuring a cast that includes …

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The Fiancé (2016) Movie Review

I’m going to be up front and honest about something. I’ve never been a huge fan of Bigfoot. The only Bigfoot films I enjoy are Harry and the Hendersons and Ryan Schifrin’s excellent debut film Abominable. Did The Fiancé make it to the list of rare Sasquatch films I genuinely like or was it one of many derivative films that I …

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