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‘Rotten Cotton’ Official Teaser and GoFundMe for a Good Cause

Every once in awhile, a horror trailer will come along and catches my eye like no other. Upon watching the teaser trailer for Rotten Cotton, I can tell you it certainly has my attention and I think it will gain yours as well. This has to be one of the most demented, captivating teasers I’ve watched in a long time …

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Ready for More Clowns? ‘Another Evil Night’ is Coming Soon!

With our beloved Pennywise in theaters right now, we bet you’re thirsty for more clown movies! We’ve got some great news, especially for fans of Todd Jason Cook’s 1992 horror film, Evil Night. If you are love slasher movies and clowns with wicked grins, you have to check out both Evil Night and the upcoming sequel, Another Evil Night! Synopsis: In …

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Spread the Clown Love! The Importance of Creepy and Non-Creepy Clowns

The IT remake signifies powerful marketing, but also a popular need to revisit the “creepy clown” phenomenon. As a BBC article reminds us, they’re here to stay. Creepy clowns are an old phenomenon — ancient. There was Joseph Grimaldi’s clown “Joey” of the 19th Century, the Native American Booger Dance, and even some dark clowning in ancient Rome. In fact, …

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You’ll Float, Too, With These Red Balloons in PA

Not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania, there’s been a rash of mysterious red balloons being tied to sewer grates. This stunt has the local police force “completely terrified” and have forced the department to ask the person doing this knock it off.  With the highly anticipated film It coming out September 8th, there’s no doubt that people would …

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Jacquie Lantern Terrifies Horror Fans In Her Pennywise Makeup!

Makeup artist Jacquie Lantern is one of the hottest up and comers in the world of make up and special effects. Having been featured on Crypt TV, she continues to push her skills to the max. Whenever a major horror film comes out, Jacquie challenges herself to recreate something incredibly terrifying. A few months ago, she teased us with a …

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Eerie Red Balloons Tied to Drains Are Popping Up Out of Nowhere in Sydney

Want a balloon? In just a few days, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT will be arriving in theaters near you. Some people are going out all out for the event. We’ve got marathons, costumes, and even headless Georgie statues. Now? Eerie red balloons tied to drains!  Recently, some people in Sydney, Austraila reported seeing random, eerie red balloons tied to storm drains …

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Little Pennywise is Adorably Frightening!

little pennywise

Andrés Muschietti’s IT is officially only 15 days away! It is the most anticipated movie of the year and everyone is going bananas over it. One fan decided to recreate the look of Pennywise with his little brother and the outcome is truly amazing. Little Pennywise is adorably frightening… Eagan Tilghman is the mastermind behind these pictures and his little brother, …

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Watch the Opening Credits for ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

american horror story: cult

Ryan Murphy teased last Friday that we would get to see the title sequence for the upcoming 7th season of American Horror Story: Cult. As always, he was good on his word and gave us something for more creepy than expected! Because you asked for it…"American Horror Story: Cult" MAIN TITLE SEQUENCE will be released on MONDAY. — Ryan Murphy …

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‘Circus Kane’ Gets A Creepy First Trailer!

Circus Kane… If you aren’t afraid of clowns just yet, this movie trailer will change your mind. Circus Kane is being distributed by Uncork’d Films, the distributor of many horror movies, including Gremlin (2017), Ice Cream Truck (2017), Besetment (2017), Pitchfork (2016), Hunting Ground (2015), Beacon Point (2017) and Deep in the Wood (2017), among a ton of others. Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray is the director, from …

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The Infamous Clown Motel Is Up for Sale

I’m sure most of you have seen pictures of The Clown Motel before. Stories about it have been floating around social media for years. It’s been a place to go for ghost hunters or people just looking for a good scare. The iconic motel in between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, has been the subject of many memes and stories …

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