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‘Bear With Us’ – Creature Comedy Horror Roaring onto VOD

Comedy Dynamics has announced the release of William J. Stribling (Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Party 2016) and Russ Nickel’s festival award-winning comedy film Bear With Us on major transnational services. Bear With Us is a modern farce about a guy (Mark Jude Sullivan) who attempts to propose to his girlfriend (Christy Carlson Romano) in the most romantic way possible, but his …

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New Trailer and Details for Indie Creature Feature ‘Gnawbone’

“Y’all gonna die. All of you!” Check out the new trailer and details for the awesome ’80s throwback creature feature called Gnawbone. It looks like we are in for a deliciously bloody treat with an extra layer of cheese! Gnawbone is directed by Darrin Means and co-written by himself and James Thompson. Volumes of Blood creator P.J. Starks (see our interview with …

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New Posters for Giant Ant Film ‘It Came From the Desert’

When was the last time your television was overrun by giant ants? It might have been in 1954 when the radioactive creature feature Them! first premiered. Or maybe it was two decades later when you caught Empire of the Ants in 1977. But maybe, just maybe, your first interaction with giant ants came in 1989 when Cinemaware Games released It …

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Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water Trailer

Guillermo del Toro has brought us so many incredible creatures over the years. Now he’s done it again in his latest film, The Shape of Water. Just watching the trailer makes you feel whimsical and happy, but at the same time, totally makes you want to cringe and cry. The official synopsis of The Shape of Water is: An other-worldly fairy …

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Gremlin (2017) Movie Review

Gremlin is the newest film from Ryan Bellgardt and Uncork’d Entertainment. I know what you’re thinking, finally, Gremlin 3 is happening! While that’s a possibility, this isn’t it. Gremlin has as much to do with the Gremlins franchise as my cat does. Starring Adam Hampton and Kristy K. Boone, the film is described as “Godzilla meets The Ring in a thrilling and uniquely-scripted horror jaunt that boasts …

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Tsunambee (2017) Movie Review


Ever since my parents introduced me to King Kong and Godzilla as a small child, I have always loved creature features. No matter the budget, if its got a creature in it, there is a good chance that I want to watch it. A few days ago I saw the trailer for Tsunambee and thought it looked like a fun …

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Celebrating 35 Years of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is my favorite horror movie. It may be my favorite movie, period. It is, frankly, a masterpiece that sits atop many a horror aficionado’s Top 10 list. I remember watching it with my father as a kid. It terrified me. It stuck with me. It’s a big reason I love horror as much as I …

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‘Gremlin’ (2017) Gets a New Poster And Trailer

To get ready for its release on VOD this July, both a poster and trailer been let loose online for Ryan Bellgardt’s creature feature Gremlin. Described as “Godzilla meets The Ring,” Gremlin is nothing like the good vs evil tale of the ’80s. This film is dark, depressing and terrifying. Don’t expect to see anyone driving a Barbie car or watching Snow …

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