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Meet Our Writers: Wade Wainio

You’re stranded on a desert island. Assuming electricity and equipment aren’t a problem, which five horror movies would you want with you? Such a tough question, and I can’t consider the list permanent until the island vacation occurs, but…. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Creepshow, The Birds, and Night of the …

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Sony Pictures Bringing ‘976-EVIL’ To Blu-ray!


Who ya gonna call? 976-EVIL! Sony Pictures Home Entertainment sends word: “Horror Has a Brand New Number: 976-EVIL!” The 1989 cult film offering debuts on Blu-ray for the first time ever October 3​! The release will include an all-new commentary with Director Robert Englund. It will also feature an alternate cut of the film with 12 additional minutes of footage! Awesome …

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Horror Villain Backstories And Their Significance

I recently came across an article with list of horror villains who were supposedly ruined by having backstories. This honestly angered me because the way that article was written, it seemed like the writer didn’t even like horror films and didn’t care enough to see the significance of just how important the villains and their backstories are in the genre. …

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Check Out the New Stuff in the PopHorror Shop!

Just recently, PopHorror opened a brand new store full of all kinds of delicious horror goodies. There’s a tab for it right at the top of every page on our site under SHOP. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you should! Look at some of this awesome stuff! There’s an entire page of Funko Pop! figures, including Freddy …

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Coming Soon: Funko Rock Candy Elvira & Funko Horror Pint Size Heroes!

I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely love Funko. Yes, I just turned the big 4-0, and yet, I am still beyond excited about the upcoming additions to add to my collection. I have a lot of my fandoms represented in my collection. I have Star Wars, Star Trek, Supernatural and a Ricky Bobby as well as the beginnings of a great horror …

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Old VHS Tapes Get A New Look With Amazing Horror Art


Do you have any old VHS tapes laying around? If so, you could be using them to create horror art. France-based artists Patrick Massobrio and Nan have given VHS tapes a new breath of life and it’s truly amazing! Happy birthday Kurt Russell! #kurtrussell #nmpm #vhs #vhsart #snakeplissken #escapefromnewyork #escapefromla #tapehead #videoclub #videotape #scifi A post shared by Patrick Massobrio (@patrick_nmpm) …

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Get Your Tickets for Freddy Fest: A Nightmare on Elm Street Festival

1, 2… Freddy’s coming for you. Growing up, A Nightmare on Elm Street was my favorite franchise and is still today. I know many who feel the same way and if you do, you’re not gonna want to miss the ultimate Freddy Fest coming this fall! On Saturday, Oct 14, 2017, fans will be able to attend the Freddy Fest: …

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