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Review of the Horror Home Invasion Film ‘Jackals’ (2017)

Home invasion has always been a topic of horror movies, whether it be You’re Next, Panic Room or the Purge. Now, Shout!Factory presents the new genre film Jackals. Kevin Greutert is helming as director with a script penned by Jared Rivet. Greutert is no stranger when it comes to home invasion flicks, with his prior work on The Strangers. However, …

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Luther the Geek: A Cult Classic Obscurity Gets the Blu-ray Treatment

Troma Entertainment is an independent film production and distribution company notorious for cheesy, over-the-top, low budget, infomercial-esque B-movies such as Nuke ‘Em High and The Toxic Avenger. However, Luther the Geek (1990) stands out among films distributed under the company’s name. Dialing down the cheesy ’80s infomercial element while retaining just enough gore and a slight comedic undertone, this film …

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Evil Nanny (2016) Will Take Good Care Of You

It’s not every day that I get to think of the suspenseful and thrilling 1990 movie Pacific Heights. It’s a good movie and fairly unique. The days that I do, then, are rare and special and make me smile. I was reminded of this film while watching the new Lifetime horror Evil Nanny (2016), and I smiled. A lot. Directed by camp …

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Don’t Breathe-(2016) Give the Box Office Your Money Review!

It has been a long long time since I’ve come back from the movie theater still reeling from a film, but tonight after going to see Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe, that time has come again. Finally! I will admit that, ever since seeing the trailer for the film, I was intrigued. Then everyone started talking about it and ramping it …

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Review – Hush (2016)

The home invasion subgenre of horror tends to be very hit or miss. Either the film will fall into the same familiar tropes (generic character behavior, stupid decisions by the protagonists, somebody probably trips for no reason while running away) as other movies in the genre, or, the film will offer something fresh and serve as an intense, horrifying viewing …

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