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Party Night (2017): Blood, Gore, and More… Oh My!

Slashers are always a beloved favorite among horror fans because they have plenty of blood, gore, and sex… I mean, what’s not love? Party Night (2017) delivers a modern day slasher story that’s a blood-splattered love letter to ’80s horror films. But did it succeed at creating an homage to one of the best decades for horror? The first feature …

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The Fiancé (2016) Movie Review

I’m going to be up front and honest about something. I’ve never been a huge fan of Bigfoot. The only Bigfoot films I enjoy are Harry and the Hendersons and Ryan Schifrin’s excellent debut film Abominable. Did The Fiancé make it to the list of rare Sasquatch films I genuinely like or was it one of many derivative films that I …

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My Little Miracle (2017) – Official Teaser and News

We loved Happenstance and now George James Fraser brings us a new horror short called, My Little Miracle (2017). Check out the teaser down below, but beware…. it truly is a tease! Stained Glass and Blood Bath Productions present a new intense story that dives deep into a world of darkness and depravity. My Little Miracle is directed by George James Fraser, …

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Interview with Crepitus Actors – Raiden Moore and Caitlin Williams

Recently, we had the privilege of talking with Raiden Moore and Caitlin Williams, two talented actors who are starring in the upcoming horror film, Crepitus. Learn about how they got involved in this film, their specific characters, how they feel about working with Bill Moseley, and more! Everyone is talking about Crepitus and we can’t wait to see this new horrifying story, their …

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