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John Carpenter Makes An Important Announcement About ‘Halloween’ (2018)

More details on the new Halloween movie have surfaced this week. In a statement, John Carpenter has confirmed that the new film is a direct sequel to his original film. Recent speculation about the 2018 movie picking up from the end of Halloween II had fans of the franchise questioning how the story line will correlate with the first two installments. Below you will find …

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Don Mancini Comments on Glen/Glenda’s Future in The ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

After the latest installment in the Child’s Play franchise, Cult Of Chucky has been released, reviews have been mostly positive from horror fans. It was a solid continuation of the franchise and it brought something completely new to the table. However, there’s still one question this film didn’t answer: where is Chucky and Tiffany’s son, Glen?  When we saw Glen …

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Final Week For ‘Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television’ IndieGoGo Campaign

Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television, the latest upcoming book by Canadian micro-publisher Spectacular Optical, offers a definitive, in-depth exploration of the history of these subversive film and television presentations that allow viewers to engage in different ways with the complicated cultural history of the Christmas season. The publishers hope to have the book out by Christmas 2017, …

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You’ll Float, Too, With These Red Balloons in PA

Not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania, there’s been a rash of mysterious red balloons being tied to sewer grates. This stunt has the local police force “completely terrified” and have forced the department to ask the person doing this knock it off.  With the highly anticipated film It coming out September 8th, there’s no doubt that people would …

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Arrow Video Releasing George A. Romero Box Set ‘Between Night and Dawn’ This Fall

Arrow Video, known for releasing some truly classic films on Blu-ray and DVD, has just announced another really awesome box set. This one is focusing on horror legend George A. Romero and the films that he made in between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.  Releasing this fall, the Between Night and Dawn box set will include three Romero films that …

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‘Blood Honey’ Official Trailer and Poster Revealed!

Blood Honey is Jeff Kopas’ (An Insignificant Harvey) latest film, and the official trailer and poster have been revealed. The poster looks great, and the trailer looks fantastic. I’m not a fan of bees, so this could be one that actually gets under my skin!  Blood Honey is currently set for a limited Canadian release in September, with a larger release to follow …

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‘Hatchet’ Halloween Celebration Being Teased

Adam Green’s Hatchet turns 10 this year and Green is teasing a special celebration to mark the 10 year anniversary. The film will be screened across the world beginning with London’s FrightFest on August 26th. Before that, there will be a special reunion screening on August 22nd at the Arclight Hollywood in California.  If you’re bummed that you can’t make it to …

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The Dead Next Door (1989) Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD

Tempe Entertainment is set to release a 2-disc Collector’s Edition of the cult classic zombie flick The Dead Next Door. The film is set to release on September 26th as the first release for Tempe Entertainment’s new Blu-ray label, Tempe Digital.  Included in the Collector’s Edition is the Blu-ray from the limited 3-disc Ultimate Edition, along with an all new DVD …

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