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‘The Daughters of Virtue’ (2017) Horror Short

We all sin, but some sins are deemed worse than others. Sometimes we feel like we have no control and perhaps sometimes we don’t. What if we were possessed? In the new horror short The Daughters of Virtue one woman’s sins are far more complicated than anyone knows. The Daughters of Virtue is directed and written by Michael Escobedo. The cast …

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BHFF 2017 Review: ‘Ink’ When Fears Become A Reality


The horror shorts premiering at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival have been nothing short of amazing. The same can be said for the Ink, a story unlike anything I’ve seen before, which premiered on October 14th at the BHFF. Ink is a disturbingly heartbreaking horror short directed and written by Ashlea Wessel starring Mishka Balilty. Ink Official Synopsis A traumatized woman …

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BHFF 2017 Review: ‘Amy’ Delivers A Hauntingly Disturbing Horror Short


I recently had the pleasure of watching the horror short, Amy, for the 2017 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. I watched it on a whim, knowing nothing about it, and it definitely left me surprised. But was it a good surprise? Old Lime Productions presents Amy, a disturbing horror short directed by L. Gustavo Cooper. The cast stars Danielle Kennedy as Amy, Rebekah Kennedy as …

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‘Company’ (2017) Horror Fantasy Short – Evil Comes in Many Forms


Sometimes in moments of solitude, we seek companionship in things that aren’t real. Sometimes, that comfort comes in form of an imaginary friend. But what if that imaginary friend was a bad influence? All this and more happens in the eerie new horror, Company.  Company is a 2017 horror fantasy short directed and written by Anthony Raus (Audition) with a cast starring Jessica Cherniak, John Toon, Stacie Brown, and Hunter …

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