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‘Unbearing’ (2017) A Short Film Review

I never really babysat when I was younger. Or even now for that matter. For me, there is something rather unnerving about watching other people’s children. Especially for strangers. You can’t help but think of every worse case scenario.  Maybe the movie, When a Stranger Calls (1979) had something to do with it. “Have you checked the children?” That line …

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‘Hooker Assassin’ (2017) Deliciously Revengeful

I love revenge films. They’re empowering, exciting, and often heartwrenching. There’s something wickedly special about watching someone seek revenge on those who have tormented them. In the new horror short Hooker Assassin, the main character makes revenge a work of art. The short is directed by the lovely Misty Dawn as well as co-written by herself and Hanna Campbell. The …

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‘Machine Baby’ (2017): Delightfully Demented

The more I watch horror shorts, the more appreciation I gain for them. It’s amazing that such a short tale can deliver such a powerful message. The new short Machine Baby is one of those ones that left me speechless. Machine Baby is an award-winning short written and directed by Sean Richard Budde. The film stars Sean McGill, Allie Long, and Christian Gray. …

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