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‘Hell’s Half Acre’ (2017) Horror Short – The Legends Are True

Hell's Half Acre

Investigating the paranormal is all fun and games until things go terribly wrong… All this and more happens in the new horror short called Hell’s Half Acre. Was it worth a watch? Read my review and find out. Brought to you by Fuller & Green Productions, Hell’s Half Acre was co-directed by Chad Fuller and Matt Green as well as …

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Steve Desmond’s ‘Monsters’ Shakes Up the Genre

The word “monster” can mean different things to different people. Some may consider supernatural beings to be pretty monstrous, while others may fear more mythological creatures. There are even people who think snakes, bees, strangers and clowns are out to get them. For 9-year-old Jenn in the horror short Monsters, the scariest things are the ones she knows nothing about. …

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Carriage House Productions Casts ‘Nashville’ Star Will Chase for ‘E-BOWLA’!

Everyone already knows that PopHorror adores Cindy Maples and all of the amazing work she does. She has a new project coming up and it’s definitely one that everyone will want to check out! It’s called E-BOWLA and stars Will Chase. Please check out their IndieGoGo as well – Official Press Release: In 2015 Cindy Maples wrote, directed, produced and starred in …

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‘I Baked Him a Cake’ (Horror Short) is Deliciously Horrifying

Each year we celebrate our birthdays. If we’re lucky, we get to celebrate them with loved ones. Some look forward to it all day. But what if the person you’re waiting for never shows up? All this plus more happens in the dark horror story I Baked Him a Cake. I Baked Him a Cake is a horror short directed by …

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‘For A Good Time, Call…’ (2017) Fantasia Film Festival Review

Recently screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, For A Good Time, Call… is a unique horror short starring Tristan Risk (American Mary), Sean Carmichael (Trinity) and Diana Porter (Mary Loss of Soul), and was directed by Izzy Lee (Postpartum, Rites of Vengeance).  For A Good Time, Call… is a short film all about revenge. It follows what happens to a …

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Sunset (2015) – Horror Short Review

Before they made Servus de Infernum (2016), The Final Photograph (2017) and The Klondike Incident (2017), Gary Berger and Josh Mowatt of P.P. Urpansoph Films created a black and white horror short called Sunset. I just recently found the boys of Urpansoph Films, and as if you couldn’t tell from my reviews, I am a big fan. Although these two are just starting out in …

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‘The Final Photograph’ (2017) Horror Short Review

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Not only is there a lot to say about the photograph itself – the subject, the color, the tone, the angle – but it also says a lot about the photographer. Why did they choose to take that particular photo? In The Final Photograph, Josh Mowatt and Gary Berger’s second P.P. Urpansoph Films project, …

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Sleep Eater (2016) A Stomach Growling Horror Short Review

There’s a lot of things people do while they’re sleeping. Some people snore in their sleep. Some people talk in their sleep. Some people even walk around the house in their sleep. There’s a small percentage of people who suffer from Nocturnal Sleep-related Eating Disorder, a condition where they eat while they’re asleep. In Shane Grant’s debut film Sleep Eater, we …

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