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Screamfest 2017 Double-Feature Review: ‘Double Date’ & ‘Like.Share.Follow’

On Wednesday, October 18th, I attended one of the final days of Screamfest 2017, one of the biggest horror film festivals in the country. If you’ve been keeping up with our coverage of the event, this is essentially one of the premier festivals for independent horror filmmakers. We’ve already covered several films from the festival – Dead Ant, Trench 11, and …

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Blood & Gourd Issues 1 & 2: Comic Review

Ok, I find it rather odd that I love comics and love horror, yet I haven’t really read a whole lot of horror comics, with the exception of Hack/Slash. Recently I was offered the chance to check out the first two issues of the crowdfunded indie horror comic Blood & Gourd, which involves killer pumpkins. How could I say no? …

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Why 2017 Is The Best Year For Horror Ever

I’m just going to come right out and say it… 2017 is the best year for horror ever. That’s right! We are currently living in the absolute best year for the horror genre yet. From movies to video games, 2017 is consistently giving us top notch entertainment and I don’t believe that there has been a better year. Still doubting …

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