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Interview With Graphic Novel and Horror Artist Steve McGinnis

You may not have heard of illustrator Steve McGinnis, but if you’ve spent any time in horror circles, you’ve most likely seen his work. He’s a fantastic and hugely talented artist, so if you haven’t come across his stuff, I encourage you to do a Google search or two. I was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with …

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Interview with Brandy Schaefer from The Houses October Built 2

This month, the much anticipated The Houses October Built 2 will be hitting VOD outlets. One of the film’s stars, Brandy Schaefer (Coffin Girl), took some time to sit down with PopHorror and discuss the film and her character. PopHorror: At the end of The Houses October Built, we see you getting buried alive. That is where we pick up …

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Interview With Zoe Kavanagh, Director of ‘Demon Hunter’

Awhile back, I got to check out the badass horror/action film Demon Hunter (see my review here) from director Zoe Kavanagh. The film was a fun and moody ride, not afraid to show its dark side. Recently, I got the chance to talk with Zoe about Demon Hunter, its potential sequels, and what the future holds. Check out the trailer for …

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PopHorror Interviews Spoken Arts Label, Cadabra Records

As a record collector and a fan of horror and weird fiction, it’s always great when my two passions can collide. Cadabra Records is blending the best horror/Lovecraftian literature with vinyl to create a pairing that I’m a massive fan of. I recently spoke with Jonathan from Cadabra Records about the label along with some things that they’ve been working on!  PopHorror: Thanks for taking …

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Own a Piece of Your Favorite Stephen King Stories!

It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am a Stephen King fan. My current mission is to read all of his works. The other day, I was perusing one of my favorite groups there. I saw a post in this group and I immediately knew I had to find out more about a fellow Constant Reader and …

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Interview with Peter Herro, cowriter/director of ‘WTF!’

Awhile back, I got to review the indie slasher film WTF!, (check out the review here), a horror film with a huge mean streak and brutal kills. Then I got the chance to interview one of its stars, Andrea Hunt (you can read that interview here), and now I’ve got the chance to interview the film’s director, Peter Herro. See …

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Interview with Joseph Scott Morgan, Medicolegal Death Investigator And Forensic Expert

Over the course of writing for PopHorror, I have had the pleasure to talk with and interview so many interesting people. I was recently honored with the privilege to sit down and chat with the one-time youngest Medicolegal Death Investigator, On-Air Forensic Expert and renowned Professor at Jacksonville State University… the one and only Joseph Scott Morgan!  PopHorror: Thank you, Joseph, …

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Interview with Actress Jordan Phipps, Star of ‘Close Calls’

jordan phipps

One of my favorite horror movies this year is a special indie film called Close Calls (read my review here). It was a breath of fresh air mixed in with nostalgic horror from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. I had the honor of interviewing the leading star of the film, Jordan Phipps. Jordan is new to the film industry but …

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PopHorror Interviews Union Furnace Director, Nicholas Bushman

Nicholas Bushman’s Union Furnace (read our review here) is an intense and unique take on a stale genre. When I found out that I had the opportunity to interview him, I couldn’t wait. This was one of the better films I’ve seen all year, and one of the first flicks in awhile to really get my heart pounding. I don’t really find …

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Interview with Jennifer Nangle, Malvolia: the Queen of Screams

jennifer nangle

My dear friend Jennifer Nangle, aka Malvolia: Queen of Screams, is one talented woman. When she’s not taking the souls of her victims, she’s creating horror magic via acting, writing, and producing. Yes, folks, she does it all. Learn about how she got involved in the horror community, her dangerous alter ego Malvolia, upcoming projects like Irrational Fear and more! PopHorror …

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