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Available Now! Ultimate Dudes of Gratuitous Violence Mega Set by Action Figure Therapy Store

My horror loving heart skipped a beat when I saw this Ultimate Dudes of Gratuitous Violence Mega set available for purchase! I can’t even handle how awesome these figurines are. I’d say “cute” but that probably isn’t very horror-like. Okay… How about horrifyingly cute? Let’s take a look at this set. What’s included in the Ultimate Dudes of Gratuitous Violence …

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Made Me Do It (2017) Film Review

Writer/director Benjamin Ironside Koppin delivers Made Me Do It, a psychological slasher which fortunately uses the up close and personal approach when introducing the killer. It’s hard to squeeze even a drop of originality into most modern horror/thrillers these days. At first glance, Made Me Do It seemed like it was going to be a run of the mill trip down …

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Meet Our Writers – Jennifer Bonges

Hi there! I’m Jennifer Bonges. I’m from the Halloween state on the map.  Back in June, I decided to take a plunge back into writing by responding to a call for writers on PopHorror’s Facebook page. I haven’t looked back since and I am now celebrating my 50th article. I absolutely enjoy writing and the people I work with. This …

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John Carpenter Makes An Important Announcement About ‘Halloween’ (2018)

More details on the new Halloween movie have surfaced this week. In a statement, John Carpenter has confirmed that the new film is a direct sequel to his original film. Recent speculation about the 2018 movie picking up from the end of Halloween II had fans of the franchise questioning how the story line will correlate with the first two installments. Below you will find …

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Freddy Krueger Coming To ‘Dead By Daylight?’

Freddy Krueger

One, Two, Freddy’s Comin’ For You… Well, maybe not for YOU, exactly. Freddy Krueger, the man of your dreams, could, however, be coming to Dead By Daylight! Michael Myers and Leatherface are already available as playable characters, so an appearance by The Springwood Slasher isn’t out of the question. A recent post on Reddit that’s also been picked up by …

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