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Chicago Rot (2015) Movie Review

Chicago Rot is a film that defies simple categorization. It’s what you get when you take elements from crime dramas, revenge thrillers, vigilante films, comic book movies, gladiator flicks and ’80s gore films and throw them in a blender.  It’s an interesting film to say the least, but do the diverse elements gel enough to make Chicago Rot a cohesive film? This movie is the …

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Psychos (2017): A Sinfully Twisted Horror Revenge Story

I love revenge horror films. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing horrible people get what’s coming to them. Iconic ones have come out over the years like 1978’s I Spit On Your Grave and 1972’s Last House on the Left. I’ve seen a few stories in the past year that have put their own unique spin on things including my recent watch …

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Strip Club Massacre (2017) Movie Review

Sometimes a title tells me everything I need to know about a film: case in point, Strip Club Massacre. This title leads me to assume a few things, mainly that there will be babes, boobs, and bloodshed. Did the film manage to deliver on all 3? Strip Club Massacre is the directorial debut of Bob Clark from a script he …

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Check Out the Early Teaser Trailer to ‘Get My Gun’ (2017).

At the end of February we brought you the official poster art for the film Get My Gun and now we present to you the official teaser trailer and man, oh man it is a most definitely a tease! Official Synopsis: “The film follows the character of Amanda, whom after an innocent prank, finds herself pregnant and out of a …

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