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It’s Stephen King’s 70th Birthday! Let’s Go Streaming!

Stephen King

Horror icon Stephen King turns 70 years old on September 21!  What better way to celebrate than by streaming one of his films?  Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming have you covered! Now, admittedly the Stephen King selection this year isn’t that great. Still, odds are you’ll still find something you’ll like. Here’s a look at 4 Stephen King films currently available to stream …

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How ‘IT’ Gave Me a Childhood Hero in Richie Tozier

It’s the scariest moment in the movie, and you make a joke. The audience relaxes and the monster waits for another opportunity to strike, scare, and wreak havoc. This is what it means to be Richie Tozier, a member of the Loser’s Club from Stephen King’s novel IT. In the 2017 film reimagining of the book, Richie is played by …

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Stephen King Tweets About Harry Dean Stanton

Harry Dean Stanton

Legendary prolific character actor Harry Dean Stanton has passed away at the age of 91. We send our love and condolences to his family, friends, and fans during this rough time. Born on July 14th, 1926 in West Irvine, Kentucky, Harry paved his way through Hollywood kicking ass and taking names, no matter how big or small his role was. He was …

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Please Stop Calling ‘It’ a Remake

Maybe this is splitting hairs on terms and phrases. I keep seeing people posting things like, “Well, the new It was better/worse than the original.” Let’s not forget the outright internet rage when it was announced they’d be “remaking” It for the big screen. Here’s the thing. The film is not actually a remake. I’ll tell you why. First, I’m …

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‘IT’ Shatters Box Office Records and Audience Expectations

Pennywise in IT

That *beep beep beep* you hear is the sound of the money truck backing up. The latest incarnation of Stephen King’s IT absolutely destroyed Box Office records this weekend to the tune of $123 million! Unbelievable! Perhaps even more surprising is the strength of the reviews. The movie is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes at 86% positive. The audience scores …

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Which Stephen King Movie Are You Trapped In?

It’s 2017, the Year of the King. Stephen King, that is. Everywhere you look, there’s a new Stephen King movie, TV show, reboot, or Netflix series, and they just seem to keep coming and coming. So what’s a horror fan to do? Get trapped inside one of the Master of Horror’s flicks, that’s what! So take the following quiz to …

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‘IT’ (2017) Movie Review – Totally Over-hyped Or The Best King Adaption Yet?

For the past year, everyone in the horror community has been talking about IT. Many were skeptical at first… who on earth could be a better Pennywise than Tim Curry? Certainly not the androgynous Bill Skarsgård! But over these twelve months, pictures of the Hemlock Grove actor dressed in a grimy, old-fashioned clown costume have surfaced, turning skeptical heads just …

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Meet The ‘IT Fan Art Contest’ Winner!

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few months, you know that the long awaited, highly anticipated re-imagining of Stephen King’s beloved IT release is fast approaching. Back in June, an IT Fan Art Contest was announced with a grand prize of a trip to the premiere of IT. You may be wondering – did I enter this contest? …

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Netflix Unveils Official ‘Gerald’s Game’ Trailer!

Gerald's Game

Stephen King is on a roll! According the the NY Times, the new IT movie is on track for a massive opening weekend. Stephen King recently reclaimed the rights to several of his stories, including Firestarter, Carrie, and Cat’s Eye. What’s next on the docket for the Master of Horror? The Netflix adaptation of Gerald’s Game. The official trailer dropped today! Check …

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You’ll Float, Too, With These Red Balloons in PA

Not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania, there’s been a rash of mysterious red balloons being tied to sewer grates. This stunt has the local police force “completely terrified” and have forced the department to ask the person doing this knock it off.  With the highly anticipated film It coming out September 8th, there’s no doubt that people would …

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