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‘Hex’ (2017) Movie Review

There are very few horror films that deal with Witches in a historical setting but Hex blends the two in a unique way. The synopsis is as follows: During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled by a Witch. They now must work together to survive. Hex is directed by George Popov in …

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‘Friend Request’ (2017): Movie Review

Evil is trending in Simon Verhoeven’s new film Friend Request. Taking the fears of social media and turning it into a paranormal and stalker festival, Friend Request starts with main character Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) accepting the friend request of weird loner Marina (Liesl Ahlers), who has no other friends on Facebook. But as Laura continues to live her life, Marina wants …

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Cult Classic Show ‘Dark Shadows’ Turns 51!

dark shadows

This year, the cult classic show Dark Shadows show turns 51! It is an American Gothic horror soap opera which premiered June 27, 1966 and ended April 2, 1971. It aired on ABC in the afternoons and, at first, it was deemed boring by critics. It soon developed a cult following, in particular with teenagers coming home from school and tuning in to watch. Dark …

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7 Witches (2017) Trailer Review

Looking for a film to take you back to last year’s The Witch? Then look no further than Brady Hall’s 7 Witches. 7 Witches tells the story of two different families coming together for the wedding of their daughters. The Sklars are extremely different then the Boyle family; there is something mysterious and dangerous about them. When Kate starts looking into her …

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Ghostly Homages: “A Haunting in Salem” – Review

Theoretically speaking, there are limitless ways to tell a horror story. Still, in A Haunting In Salem, director Shane Van Dyke utilizes many of the ways horror fans are already familiar with. He probably thought most other ways would be rejected, which is understandable. Though the movie ostensibly involves a sad time in history (the Salem Witch Trials), most of those …

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