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The Theta Girl

‘The Theta Girl’ Ravages Festival Circuit This Winter!

The Theta Girl, a new independent micro-budget gore thriller, is ravaging the festival circuit this Winter! This is a new new feature film from first-time filmmakers David Axe and Christopher Bickel. The film premiered in Atlanta on Friday, October 13 at Midnight. At the Atlanta screening, several audience members walked out of the film following one shocking scene depicting a violent home invasion.

Sounds crazy! Check out the teaser trailer below [watch the full red band NSFW trailer here]!

Tagline: “She brought the pills. He brought the kills.”

The Theta Girl Synopsis

The Theta Girl follows the trials and tribulations of young drug-dealer, Gayce Delko, and the hallucinogen she peddles. “Theta” was a “fun drug” — a drug that blew people’s minds. Theta was supposed to be a door to Heaven, but when her best friends get methodically and brutally murdered, Gayce realizes theta might also be a door to Hell. It’s up to her to shut it.

According to the press release, The Theta Girl cost a mere $14,000 to make. “To put that budget into perspective, the film could have been made 3,571 times over for what it cost Hollywood to make one Emoji Movie.”

Director Christopher Bickel describes The Theta Girl as “an exercise in sex, drugs, punk rock, brutality, gore, revenge, and self-actualization…but really it’s an art film.” The film is not yet rated by the MPAA.  It contains nudity, drug use, adult themes, and extremely graphic violence.

The Theta Girl

David Axe and Christopher Bickel, wrote, directed, shot, edited, and provided sound-design for the film. Axe and Bickel also served as the film’s producers under the “Barron Perter Productions” moniker. The film stars Victoria Elizabeth as “Gayce,” Shane Silman as “Brother Marcus,” and Darrelle D. Dove as “Derek.”

Film Threat calls it “edgy, thoughtful, quality entertainment.” I like the sound of this. Sign me up! What do you think? Will you check out The Theta Girl once it wraps up its festival run? Tell us in the comments!

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