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art of obsession

Trailer and Details for ‘Art of Obsession’

From the director of Save Yourself, Art of Obsession is a new horror-thriller that you’ll definitely want to see. Check out the trailer and information down below.

Art of Obsession is written & directed by Ryan M. Andrews and starring Ry Barrett (The Demolisher, The Heretics) Winny Clarke (Almost Adults) Jessica Vano (The Demolisher) and Raven Cousens (Dead Rush). It is produced by Chris Cull, Eva Mancini, and Bruno Marino.


After fame abandons him to an apathetic existence of misery and self-loathing, a writer’s infatuation with his “muse” becomes a dangerous obsession.

So far I’m loving everything about Art of Obsession! The story is similar to Stephen King’s Misery but reversed. This time it’s the artist who is obsessed and to me, that seems like a surreal situation. For example, artists often struggle at one point or another and if they found that special something that brings out their passion… then they would do anything to keep it.

Art of Obsession is currently doing a festival run.  The next one up is the Austin Revolution Film Festival on Friday, followed by the Hot Springs Horror Festival and the big one is NYC Horror Film Festival in October. If you can attend any of them be sure to go! Until then, stay tuned for our upcoming review.


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