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Trailer for Upcoming Film ‘Apocalypse Cult’!

Apocalypse Cult is a new film starring Elizabeth Barry (A Night of Horror: Volume I), David Macrae (The Last Supper of the Damned), Tom McCathie (“Under the Milky Way“) and Geoff Pinfield. The film is written and directed by Glenn Triggs. You can check out the trailer below:


While investigating the legend of a mysterious group of people living in the forest, a local news crew becomes trapped in the grasp of a doomsday cult, who are about to execute their final act of devotion.

apocalypse cult

The trailer alone looks plenty creepy. Kids and religious fanatics always make for a freaky combination. It reminds me a little bit of Ti West’s The Sacrament plus other cult horror movies.

Apocalypse Cult will be available nationwide on Halloween on DVD, Cable VOD and Digital HD, including Amazon Instant and Google Play. Tell us what you think of the trailer. Will you be checking it out?




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