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Viral Films UK Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘Werehouse’!

Ever since I first saw the horror shorts Run and For Her…, I’ve known that there was something special about the people behind the scenes at Viral Films UK. Daniel Mark Young and his trusted crew of Merry Men (and Women!) have figured out a way to cram tons of information, subliminal subtext and multilayered storytelling into their low budget, high concept horror shorts. On February 12th, the filmmakers announced a crowdfunding campaign to help create their newest endeavor, a werewolf film cleverly titled Werehouse. PopHorror was lucky enough to get the newly released poster for the film, which was created by Joe Byrne. Isn’t it gorgeous? We also have the deets on how you can help make this howling horror film happen!

Besides Daniel Mark Young, who will direct as well as co-produce the film, Werehouse will be written and co-produced by James Craigie (Run, For Her…, Stranger). Producer Michelle Craigie (For Her…, Run, Stranger) and Darrell Pringle (For Her…) will shoot the film, while Viral Films familiar Adam Woodhams will compose the score. Newcomer Kitty Noofah will be in charge of makeup and effects. The film will star Amy Tyger (Legacy, The Deadly Seven, Brawl), Harriet Rees (Cabin 28, The Revenge of Robert the Doll, Polly), Oliver Roy (Angels in America, The Tempest) and Derek Nelson (For Her… Cabin 28, The Revenge of Robert the Doll).

The film’s synopsis:

When a peaceful protest erupts into a full blown riot, a trio of University students who are caught in the middle seek refuge on a warehouse. Little do they realize that tonight is the one night of the month that they really should have stayed out.

The microbudget for the film is only £4500, which they will raise through their Kickstarter campaign. Daniel Mark Young – who will be interviewed for the upcoming 40th Anniversary Halloween Documentary – gives us an idea of just what that money will be used for.

Breakdown of the £4500 budget

As you can see, nearly half of the budget will go towards the practical werewolf creation. Viral Films UK has always been passionate about using a hands on approach to creating their terrors and horrors, and Werehouse will be no different.

A message from Daniel Mark Young:

“The concept of Werehouse really came from the play on words first rather than us saying, ‘Let’s do a werewolf film next!’ It was born very organically and the flow of ideas was very natural and all that came from just having a title in mind.”

As mentioned above, Viral Films UK are looking to raise £4500 via Kickstarter starting February 12, 2018, and will run for 45 days. If all goes to plan, shooting will begin in late April – during a full moon, of course! – in Chelmsford, Essex, UK at the Plumbing Distribution Company Ltd. After a three day shoot, post-production for the 15 minute short should begin in early May. If the stars align and things are finished on time, Werehouse will debut on October 31st on Amazon Instant Video. Talk about great timing! The filmmakers are going for an older, Gothic-style look for the film, which will be shot mostly in black and white with some red sprinkled about here and there as well.

There are some awesome perks to go along with this campaign, including signed posters, your name in the credits, digital copies of all three Viral Films UK shorts and even a producer’s credit, and you don’t have to break the bank to get them. Check the Werehouse  Kickstarter page to find out more.

From the press release:

Our main aim with Werehouse is to create a stylish yet ultimately terrifying short film that is realistic in its portrayal of regular people caught in a life or death situation and having to challenge their own beliefs in order to survive. It’s as much about the people in the situation and how they react as it is about the werewolf and the horror aspects, of which there will be plenty. For us, it is important to write strong yet flawed characters that don’t fall into the trappings of the usual horror cliches and actually make good decisions.


You can find out more about this kickass horror short by following the film’s Kickstarter link or checking out their IMDb page and remember – little goes a long way! I know I can’t wait to see Werehouse this Halloween. Let’s make this happen, people!

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