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Zombie Comedy ‘ZBurbs’ Available Through VOD This November

Zombies Have to Live Somewhere!

What happens when a woman’s husband is turned into the undead? She feeds him bad people, of course! Greg Zekowski’s (Bloodline: The Devil’s Game 2000) new film, ZBurbs, is a horror comedy that puts a whole new spin on zombie films. In the same vein as 2006’s Fido, ZBurbs takes the walking dead and makes them practical. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

The official synopsis for ZBurbs:

When a suburban housewife discovers that her husband has become a zombie with an appetite for human flesh, she decides to make it work by feeding him! But only bad people, until the government discovers – he could be a great weapon. Now they must make a tough decision.

The film stars Bill Oberst Jr. (Criminal Minds TV series, Dance of the Dead 2014), Marieh Delfino (The Invitation 2015), Gina Hecht (Seinfeld TV series), Ian Alda (Silicon Valley TV series), Carl Bressler (Z Nation TV series) and many more. This exciting but bloody take on the zombie film is staggering its way to VOD in just a few days.

Bill Oberst Jr. plays Pick, a CIA agent who wants to take Shelly’s (Delfino) husband and turn him into a new governmental weapon. But, Shelly needs Bill (Alda) to take down her annoying neighbors. Events turn into a fight over unfortunate, undead Bill in this brutal tug-of-war. ZBurbs will be available on several digital platforms on November 21st through VOD platforms such as Amazon as well as home video nationwide. Rated R, this title will shock viewers and make them laugh because zombies have to live somewhere!

Find out more info at the Indican website or rent it right now on Amazon.



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